Bagasse Containers

Size – 500 mℓ, 500 mℓ Lid, 750 mℓ, 750 mℓ Lid

Though bagasse has a variety of great properties, one of the best maybe the fact that it is 100% compostable, not just recyclable. This means any product made from bagasse will, in a matter of weeks, break down completely and can be used as fertilizer to grow something new.

Product Description:

✓ Color: Unbleached Natural
✓ Material: Bagasse
✓ Brand: Chuk

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Why Bagasse?

✓ 100% Safe: Throw your worries out the window as Chuk is completely natural— no carcinogens or toxic chemicals. We keep your family safe.
✓ Sturdy: Its sturdy design won’t let your favorite biryani fall, yet it’s lightweight enough to hold and carry.
✓ Convenient: It’s an all in one— no kidding! Its microwaveable, ovenable, freezable, and no washing needed.
✓ Leak Proof: There is no leakage whatsoever so go ahead lick that butter chicken off our plate – promise we won’t tell.
✓ Compostable: Want to leave a healthier planet for your kids? Use Chuk. It’s made from sugarcane waste and returns to mother earth in 60 days.
✓ Your friend for all parties: Chuk works for all occasions like parties at home or office, camping, picnics, wedding and catering.


Product Specification:

✓ Size 500 mℓ: Length(237.00mm), Width(132.00mm), Depth(40.00mm)
✓ Size 500 mℓ Lid: Length(245.00mm), Width(140.00mm), Depth(12.00mm)
✓ Size 750 mℓ: Length(287.00mm), Width(157.00mm), Depth(40.00mm)
✓ Size 750 mℓ Lid: Length(296.00mm), Width(165.00mm), Depth(12.00mm)

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