Coconut Shell Ice Cream Bowls

We recycle coconut shells that have been discarded as waste, give them a little love and turn them into beautiful eco-friendly Ice Cream Bowls that you use for serving ice cream. They’re handcrafted, 100% natural, and made entirely from organic coconuts. The Coconut Ice Cream Bowls is fun for the whole family, and they’ll make your home look even better and eco-friendly.

Product Description:

✓ Color: Natural Coconut Color
✓ Material: Coconut Shell
✓ Usage: Serving Ice Cream’s

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What does “Coconut Shell” mean?
It is obtained by various processes that involve burning the shells of mature coconuts in a kiln with a limited amount of air. The shells are burnt to a particular limit without completely destroying them. Over 50,000 coconut shells are required to produce about 1 Tonne of coconut charcoal.

Coconut Shell Products:
Coconut shell has been used to make bowls or serving-spoons by cutting, smoothening and carving the coconut shells. The products made of coconut are bowls, vases, teapots, ice-cream cups, pen stand, lampshade, etc. The making process involves various steps. The ripe/matured coconuts are collected which are grown in and around firms or sometimes coconuts are purchased from the farmers.

The skilled artisan selects the proper well-shaped coconut shell according to the required pattern of the article to be carved. The collected coconuts are scraped out and the surface of the shell is cleaned to make it smooth. The shell is then cut into the desired shape and size of the article to be prepared. The stencils are made and the shape is cut out with the help of bow blades.

Once the shape is cut, the edges are smoothened by the filing process. This process is done repeatedly until the finish is adequate. Drilling is done to make the small holes if required and then the different parts are made separately and stick using strong adhesive fevikwik/fevicol. Then the article is carved and designs are engraved. Finally the polishing is done using bee-wax and it is coated with synthetic varnish to create the glossy texture. The finished product is dried under the sunlight.

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