Areca Round Plates

Areca Products. Areca palm trees drop their old leaves naturally thereby, making room for the new leaves. For centuries, these leaves have been used as plates. These leaves can be easily compressed into different shapes and sizes, which can be used to create products that are both beautiful and useful.

Product Description:

✓ Color: Natural variations
✓ Material: Areca palm leaf
✓ Type: Deep & Shallow
✓ Size: 6, 8, 10, 12 inch

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  • Made from naturally fallen areca palm leaves.
  • 100% organic and compostable in your backyard compost bin.
  • No trees are cut down!
  • Produced by heat pressing areca palm leaves into different shapes and the whole process uses no chemicals.
  • The perfect alternative to paper, plastic, and styrofoam tableware.
  • Hygienic, non-odorous, non-toxic, lightweight and environment are friendly.
  • You will definitely be going to fall in love with our areca plates at first sight because all of them are unique and vary in colors and patterns naturally!!
  • Leakproof, making them suitable to be used for any kind of meal.
  • Our areca plates are all in one, no kidding! They are microwaveable, ovenable, freezable, and sturdy enough to hold and carry hard/liquid and hot/cold food.
  • Your best friend for all occasions like parties, camping, picnics, wedding and catering as you don’t have to wash them.
  • Use and throw in your compost bin and leave the earth better for the next generation.
  • Strong enough to use with a knife and fork without the risk of being punctured or leaked!
  • Store in a cool and dry environment to prolong life and keep the package sealed until ready for use.

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